All-in-one Knowledge Management System for Your Entire Company

Your team is more productive when they are all on the same page

AllAnswered knowledge management solution allows your best and brightest to spend more time working and less time answering questions and searching for information.

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Create a knowledge-sharing culture in your organization

The world is transitioning to remote collaboration, and effective knowledge-sharing is more critical than ever before. It is a must to create a single source of truth that everyone in the company can access, no matter where they're located.

End costly shoulder taps that interrupt people's flow

Your talented team members need blocks of uninterrupted time to do the deep work required for innovation. Every interruption hurts productivity and the quality of everyone's work.

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Accelerate new employee on-boarding process

Spare your new employees the trouble of scrambling for information by sending them to your internal knowledge base. Save everyone time by letting new hires find answers to most of their questions.

Prevent knowledge loss when employees leave

Every time employees walk out the door, they're taking their institutional knowledge with them. Capture their know-how before it is too late with an all-in-one knowledge management solution.

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Advanced Wiki

Document your company policies, key facts, product updates and business processes.

Private Q&As

Build a company FAQ by allowing employees to ask questions and get help from colleagues.

Built-in Workflow

Scheduled content reviews and verification keep your knowledge base up-to-date.

Everything in one place

No more jumping around between different tools with AllAnswered all-in-one knowledge platform.

Why AllAnswered?


64% increase

in employee participation

knowledge silos

56% faster

in new hire on-boarding


45% fewer emails

asking repeat questions

End Interruptions & Give Your Team the Resources They Need to Do Their Best Work

You’re in good company